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Jesus instructed us to, "ask and we shall receive", so we are asking for YOUR help! We're asking God and we're asking YOU! We need you. This is your opportunity to share all the things that God has put on your heart and all the tools God has given you so that souls can be saved and the world along with them. As you can see, we are at the infancy stage and we need your help to grow. This is a great opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of this ministry by bringing your talents and skills to the party.

Some of the areas that need immediate assistance are:

WEBSITE: As you can see, this website is very basic. We need an individual and/or team who can bring their web design talents, skills and vision to help us build something extraordinary or at least a notch up. We're hoping this website can become a great resource and interactive hub for those seeking the truth they're not getting elsewhere from a Biblical perspective and a place to connect with like-minded souls from around the world. A Christian facebook where ALL views are welcomed rather than stifled. A Christian Infowars where we examine current events from a Biblical and life application perspective. A Christian Coast to Coast or X-Files that's not afraid to explore the unknown. And, or course, a Christian fellowship where people can receive the Biblical truth about salvation without any church pressure or dogma. Are you getting a vision? What's YOUR vision? Contact Us and let's discuss it!

CONTRIBUTORS: Content won't create itself. We need you! Articles, videos, chat hosts, radio hosts, salvation coaches, group leaders, active members, and on and on. Are you getting a vision? What would YOU like to contribute? Maybe something we haven't even thought of. We need YOU and YOUR vision! Contact Us and let's discuss it!

PRAYER: Big one! We need YOUR prayers! Prayer is powerful and we need yours added to the mix. "Unless the Lord builds the house the workers labor in vain." We can't do anything without God doing it first. We need God's help and hand in all of this. Please, visit our online chat room and send us your prayers.

PR: We need you to share, share and share some more. That's why God gave us social media to share about efforts like this one and the need to get involved (and you thought it was for silly animal videos ;). So, please, take advantage of all the current resources we have to share about this one.

FUNDRAISING: Yep, it's true. We do still need financial support, too. Be great if everything was free, but it turns out things still cost money. We are NOT a church and are NOT a tax-exempt organization so that we can maintain a forum free from intrusion. We currently are welcoming voluntary donations and subscriptions and down the road we will hopefully have products and other ways of showing support. Anything you can do to spread the word and help us raise funds is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Thank you for supporting Salvation Fellowship and we look forward to sharing God's goodness with you!

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